12 tips on staying inspired

12 Tips On Staying Inspired

Sometimes we struggle with getting in ‘the zone’. You sit at your desk and literally EVERYTHING is a distraction; your phone, your computer, the little piece of fluff you can see at the top of your notepad. we have compiled some awesomely simple tips for you to get your head in the (inspo-)game!


Stay Healthy:

drink a glass of water: sounds simple enough? Research suggests that drinking a tall glass of water as soon as you get out of bed will help fire up your metabolism, flush out toxins and give your brain fuel!


move and sweat:  exercising in general boosts your mood and helps increase your brain function! Increased heart-rate, means your brain gets more oxygen, and it’s been proven that as little as 20 minutes of exercise daily can make a world of difference for your brain’s memory and information processing.


sleep right: there’s no doubt getting in your 8 hours of sleep has a plethora of benefits for your mind and body. When you get enough rest, you’ll stay focused on the things that make you happy!


Plan Your Day:

top 3 tasks: the key here is to prioritize. Identify 3 tasks you want to achieve that day and do them! Keeping it simple allows you to stay focused on your work and keeps you realistic for the day ahead.


the 50/10 rule: work for 50 minutes, and take a 10 minute break. Doesn’t this sound amazing? This breaks up your day and keeps your eyes on the inspo-prize.


reflect daily: take 10 minutes at the end of your day to reflect and self-evaluate. This helps put things into perspective, stay on track with your goals, learn for your mistakes and celebrate your successes!


Keep Learning:

read: reading increases your knowledge and in turn keeps you focused and inspired!


browse: watching tutorials, conducting your own research and gathering information increases your creative capabilities.


brainstorm: brainstorming can be a creative gold mine! The biggest benefit of brainstorming is the huge amount of ideas that can be generated at once.


Focus On What Makes You Happy:

Express gratitude: expressing gratitude brings a wonderful sense of fulfillment and is a great way of staying positive.


clean your desk or work space: a tidy desk boosts your energy at work and keeps you inspired, as well as letting you focus on the tasks that need to be done.


treat-yo-self: set some time aside to do what makes you happy. Whether that’s hanging out with your friends and family, going for a walk, playing with your pets or simply having a Netflix n’ Chill session- this keeps you balanced and inspired!



Seminar Series: “Reel Crimes”

Overall i think despite all its faults, this group did as good of a job as they could with the stresses, that having only a couple of people really invested in a project, would entail.

CONTENT: i thought the content was really relevant to all of us. The guests that had been picked were of a really high standard and each of them were really interesting to hear from and had a lot of great insight. While the host was a little bit awkward in her approach to that role, the guests managed to continue on with their discussion with minimal interruptions. At times they even asked each other questions and got each other rattled up- great viewing! I loved how each of them came from various industry backgrounds but showed how each of them fit within that world of film in Australia as a collaboration.

APPROACH: i thought the approach was fine- there wasn’t too much to it though.

THEME/ STAGING: it was nice having the table for the guest to sit behind like a panel- it worked well. What didn’t work well however was the harsh lighting that was shining from behind the audience. Not only was it extremely bright but it also at times became a little hot for those of us unlucky enough to be sitting right in front of them! There were some issues with audio as well which was unfortunate.

PROMOTION: i didn’t see any of the promotion stuff from this group until the last maybe day or 2 before the seminar. What i did see though looked good.

Overall they did a good job though, i mostly gave them D’s!


Get Glossy- or Bitchy, Whatever You Prefer. 

I wanted to start this reflection with an internship that, while not totally an enjoyable one, was very important for me to understand and register into my little bank of life experiences so far. In February earlier this year, i got an internship at a social media company Get Glossy. Initially i thought it would be a great opportunity, working in an open and friendly environment with lots of young people who inspired each other daily. My interview was awesome, the girls who interviewed me were awesome, and I awesomely got the internship on the spot. AWESOME.

Imagine walking into your first day of work experience, totally excited for what the day will bring and completely ready to face whatever coffee challenges lay ahead (get the joke? Coffee? Man I’m funny). That was me! I was so excited! Only to realize all too soon that there wasn’t much, if anything, to be excited over. I mean the place was a solid 40 degrees inside and I was being made to sit in a studio taking photos of tanning products for Instagram. YAY (OK, I’m not even complaining about that, I genuinely do that every day anyway- but you’ll get it soon enough!). Sitting there, sweat dripping down my forehead and the bubbles of a SULA (Sweaty upper lip alert) beginning to form under my nose, I began to think about my surroundings.

It was a big warehouse that had been converted to an office space, and I’ve got to say I was kind of sucked in by the quirkiness of it. It didn’t take long for me to be rudely and hardly slapped into the reality that is mean girls at their finest. While I totally understand the heir-achy of a workplace and where it is that interns sit amongst the status quo, the way that i was treated was not okay and it totally ruined my experience there as well as making me feel so bad about going that i ended up cutting it short. I was given the job of content creating and compiling various photos and posts for the brands in which this social media company represented. I did not find the work incredibly stimulating or helpful other than the fact that it made me realise exactly what I would never want to do. The internship was intended to be for a period of 13 weeks, but after 4 of those weeks of going into a workspace where I would say hello to everyone with no answers back, I was done. Not only would i be ignored, but when the entire office was out to get lunch together, they would ask everyone (including the other intern) to go for lunch, but not me. Once i realised that i wasn’t learning anything of value and I wasn’t even valued as someone who was helping them for NOTHING, I quit.

OVERALL HOURS: 30 hours.


Starting off my internship at the beginning of semester 2, I was thrown into a program that was so well structured from the start, that I knew it would be a really great work attachment for me to complete. I was welcomed into the Williams St office by Kirk who was welcoming and friendly, informing me of all the roles i would be working in at my time there. I started in “ingest” where I was working alongside the crew who would receive tapes from the various producers of shows and make sure the segments that were being submitted were of television quality standards. While i was not totally efficient at Premiere Pro, i quickly learnt my way around the program which was probably one of the most helpful things for me. This meant I wasn’t stuck with using Final Cut anymore which i had heard time and time again that it was out of date and clunky. Turn over was pretty quick, we spent around 15-20 minutes per show so we really needed to make sure everything was in sync, audio was at the right levels, and that it was exported correctly.

A really exciting part for me came at the end of the day when i would be sitting in “pres” and helping run the live show 1700. With count downs to break, and count ins for being back on air,  working in pres gave me a true feeling of television life and what I may find myself doing in the future. At times it really became about problem solving as well. When things screwed up last minute and there was the prospect of having a blank channel on live TV, I watched whoever was supervising me that night work their magic and quickly slot in some kind of filler and go and help the kids at SYN get the show back up and running. Everything worked to a very particular time slot and so needed to be puzzled together almost perfectly (within a 3 second leeway).

Along with working in ingest and on 1700, i was also involved in programming and trafficking which meant that i would insert the playlist for the next day and night for the channel and make sure it could be uploaded during the airing of 1700. This aspect of the internship was probably the least interesting for me, it just involved sitting in front of a computer for a couple of hours dragging video files into a spreadsheet and then putting adverts between the segments. It worked like a tetras puzzle, but a bit of a boring one.

In the last couple of weeks of my internship, i was required to help out with C31’s coverage of the Royal Melbourne Show. My official title was “Daily Technical Supervisor” which meant that i was involved with the actual shoots as well as editing the packages together. I mainly worked on audio for the shoot, while also helping Helen (who was our daily producer) with anything she needed. With a very tight schedule for the morning, shooting from 9-12 and having to capture no more than 25-30 minutes of footage (all of which was on tape), a lot of thought needed to be put in the how we would approach each section and how to get the best possible footage in the shortest possible time. Once we had everything we wanted to capture, we took the footage back to head office and set out editing it down to a 5 minute package. We needed to get this done to be aired that night at 5:55pm, with a deadline for 4:30 at the latest. Things became much quicker and easier after the first day and we all learnt exactly how things should be done. Through working on these packages, I came to understand the quick turn over that would happen in television and the high stress people must feel while working on a project which would be much more important than “C31’s Royal Melbourne Show Highlights”.

Before i came to intern at C31, I was on the other side, producing shows that would be put on air their for SYN. I appreciated that C31 gave young people like myself and everyone who worked on “The Cut” with me, an opportunity to be seen on real television. It gave us a voice and it gave us the chance to grow our own work and portfolio. Now that i have worked inside the largest community television station in Australia, and have been able to see the huge variety of shows that are aired each day, the need for community television to remain as a point of diversity has never been so important. It is known as a training ground for young people wanting to get into the television industry and it saddens me that this may no longer be the case for future students to come. Along with this, C31 has provided a point of difference from what we see on regular TV and has given people from all walks of life the opportunity to create something that can be seen.

OVERALL HOURS: 80 by Monday the 13th of October 2014.

The Cut and Final Thoughts

I have learnt a lot from the experiences I have had outside of my regular studies at RMIT, both good ones and bad. I have realised what it is like to create something from nothing and to work together with likeminded young people to produce something we can be proud of. While my time as producer on The Cut for SYN which appeared on C31 doesn’t count towards my 80 hours, it was an experience which i believe helped me more than any others. It threw me into a  role which i can now happily say i will be working towards in the future and asserted for me the drive i have in ultimately working in the television industry.

word count: 1448

Seminar Involvement- Weeks 2 to 8 MI2

Week 2: 

This week the class was able to choose from a range of seminar topics and pick which group they would be in for the remainder of the seminar series. The group that i had chosen was the topic of Women in the media industry. This topic was ideal for me from the beginning, being a woman myself (duh) and i feel a there while we do have it much better these days then women of the past, gender inequality is still an issue that needs to be discussed, and it was lucky that it even got the go ahead after being so blatantly rejected by one of our male tutors.

We needed to have 13 people to make the group complete and we were almost not going to go ahead but luckily enough we got a couple of extra people once the other groups had been formed and convinced them that this was a topic that was relevant and important. 13 people later and we had a Women in Media group! YAY! With 11 girls and 2 boys, each of us feel strongly about gender issues of today, particularly in the industry that we will one day be a part of.

After getting into our group, each of us added each other on Facebook, with a Facebook group being formed along with the link to a google doc which we would all be using in preparation for the seminar. I was very happy to voice my opinions for the direction I saw the seminar going, and I expressed my interest in hosting the event.

Together we agreed that taking the total “feminist” approach to the seminar may detract people from coming, and as unfortunate as it is that this is what the word feminism does, we need to have both sides there in order to hopefully spark thought and discussions. Each of us agreed to go home and list what we would most like to do for the seminar and roles we would take on leading up to that. My strengths lie in organisation and event planner (the running of the day).


Week 3: 

We were informed this week of the seminar series title, “Wanted”, which was voted on by all of us and presented as a concept by the steering committee. When we broke up into our separate groups we further discussed the concept idea for the seminar and decided on the title “Femme Fatale”, suggested by myself, with the byline “Why Gender Equality is the New Black”. 

Imogen had organised a table for us to fill out our strengths and desired roles and it was from that sheet that we later decided what each of us would be doing. In the class meeting we went through the list of around 12 people who we would set up as our contacts. This list was divided into 3 groups: group A who would be the most important, B who would be our back ups, and finally C who were people that would be great but who we would never get (so basically a the ‘no’ group). Initially we had quite a few entertainers in the mix, purely because we were worried that with a potentially dry subject, the audience would lose interest without someone who was lively and engaging. Shelley had questioned why we would decide to include any, despite this concern, and we later decided against people in front of the screen and focus more on what our peers requested. The groups for potential guests were categorised once again, but now into TV/ FilmRadio and Online. 

I brought up the idea of catering the event and we agreed to spend $20 each for that. We were thinking of going for a really girly high-tea feel for the catering, but we need to decide on an overall colours and feel of the seminar before that can be finalised. We also discussed the posters and perhaps having old style mugshots for them. We decided that every Friday before and after the seminar we would meet- with priorities in finalising guests and contacting them, and deciding on a structure for the seminar. I suggested that we begin the seminar with a quick quiz, similar to “Who wants to be a millionaire” in order to engage with the audience.


Week 4: 

We split each group member into 3 separate groups:

  • research and guests
  • promotions team
  • events management

I said I was happy to be involved in anything that anyone may need me to do. So while i would be predominantly focusing on the event and catering the event, i would also float around research and promotions for whatever they need. I decided i would come up with some ideas for the staging which i would be doing with Steph and Michael, as well as coming up with catering options. In terms of catering i came up with a budget and with Imogen we discussed the option of perhaps getting each of us to donate some food for the day- making our own sandwiches and lolly bags etc in order to cut costs.


Week 5: 

The benefit of not being the first group to present during the seminar series was to see what does and what doesn’t work. Audience engagement was a big thing in this weeks seminar, as was trying to pack too much into one short lecture. From this week I became certain that having 3 guests was more than enough if each of them spoke well and provided the relevant information, instead of rushing them or rushing the opportunity for students to ask questions at the end.

During the seminar I jotted down a couple of pages of notes that I brought straight to the group meeting. It was really great to know that the majority of people felt the same way- to the meeting was off to a fabulous start. The setting up of the space was brought up as important, food was also a big thing, as well as a significant break time. Time management needs a lot of attention and so does FOOD. 

During the meeting we brainstormed questions we would ask the guests as well as debating over the Femme Fatale name. Some group members didn’t like the seductive nature of the name and thoughts it would play against the role of the seminar. “Wonder Women” was brought up as an alternative and it was put to a group vote to decide. I made it pretty clear that to change with only a couple of weeks to go before our seminar, and mind you a social media concept already in the works, would be detrimental. While it was discussed that the Femme Fatale is not the greatest title for gender equality, we wanted to play on the restrictions and negativity associated would work in our favour- strong women who succeeded and didn’t need to be punished!

“Femme Fatale: Women killing it in the media industry” 

The events people, namely Steph, Michael and myself split off from the rest of the group and went down to RMIT TV studios to see what they had for us to start designing the space. We agreed that after this weeks seminar there needed to be a stage for the guests- I could barely see them and I was only half way up the lecture room.

After our visit to RMIT TV we had organised to use:

  • a stage
  • stools for guests
  • pretty lamps to light the space as well as fairy lights
  • and a city scape that was mostly black with painted yellow windows which played perfectly with our ideas of a 1920’s themed space (which was discussed this week also as a part of “Femme Fatale ideas).

Week 6: 

With our seminar fast approaching, this weeks meeting focused on the structure of the seminar as well as organising all of the promotions material.

Earlier on in the week the promotions team organised a shoot for a couple of the trailers we would be posting online, as well as the image for the actual posters which would be going out at the end of that week. Jono took on the role of director, while Melissa and Ai Vee Goh took on the cameras, and Imogen, Line and myself were the models (oh yeah). We went to Imogen’s house where we set up one of the bedrooms as a vintage dressing room. My involvement during the evening was not purely restricted to being in front of the camera though. I was open to suggesting ideas for shots, various montage ideas, and i suggested we go to a crash zoom into our faces for the ending where we whipped out of the girly giggles at the tea party at the end.

While I wanted to be involved in the editing process of the short clips, I came to the decision that it would be more of a determent for me to edit than not to.. so leave it to the professionals. Instead i started to collect the money from the group and organised catering plans. Along with this i also compiled a short and very brief running sheet for the day which Bella then could work off when she was finalising everything.

  • It started with an introduction video which would introduce the theme
  • then guest introduction
  • quiz ‘who wants to be a Femme Fatale?’
  • then move to the discussion questions

As I was also responsible for looking into questions- I made sure i would look at the spread sheet that the class wanted answered at the beginning of semester and made sure that we stayed relevant to the topics that were proposed.

  • what do you think about mentoring other women/ a mentoring program in general?
  • what difficulties have you faced as women in the media so far?
  • how can men and women work together on this issue in the work place?

Week 7:

Due to a family health scare at the beginning of this week, everything was all over the place for me. I informed the group that i would be unable to host ( i didn’t want to appear stressed or not myself on stage and potentially ruin our marks) and while it was late notice we met early on Wednesday and discussed the possibility of having Michael hosting an all girl panel. We agreed that our intention was to promote equality and by having a man we hoped that other men attending would not be attacked.

Preparing for that day meant that on Wednesday i took all the money we had budgeted for catering and went to Costco to get everything sorted. I ordered 4 platters of a mixture of sandwiches and wraps, i got one of my closest friends Alice Bennet (Miss Trixie Drinks Tea) to bake us some delicious cupcakes, and finally i put together a whole bunch of lollie cups for everyone as they entered.


We discussed the running of the day and everyone’s roles throughout that morning. I was responsible for picking up the cupcakes and sandwiches to the venue and set up the drinks and tables outside the lecture room. The colour theme ended up being black and red and so i brought black table cloths with red napkins and feather bowers. It looked so pretty!!


MI2 Seminar Series 2: “Breaking In”

SO CREATIVE. LOVED IT. APPROACH: I thought the way they decided to approach this seminar was so engaging for people watching and it really drew us into the topic. The guests looked so comfortable and because of this i thought they gave some really great insight (despite maybe a couple of the personal stories going for a bit too long). The only issue i found was that perhaps it took too long for the actual hard-hitting questions to be brought up, there was a lot of focus on their personal journey as opposed to actual things that we might be interested in learning about the television landscape in Australia. I thought the audience engagement and participation was excellent so well done again! I also enjoyed how the seminar was broken up into mini games and quizzes, it not only kept the audience happy but it made the guests really comfortable, chatty, and relaxed. THEME/ STAGING: theme was AWESOME. Executed really well. Thought the staging was fun and it was good that Connor was able to keep in character. Loved the opening also. The lollies that were provided at the beginning were great in fitting in with the overall theme as well as the opening intro to the seminar. Rob’s constant involvement with the audience should also be “APPLAUDED”. PROMOTION: i think promotion was done well. The video that was circulating was good and so were the posters. There could have been more though? Maybe i missed some of them. Overall i thought this group did really well and i gave them most HD’s!

MI2 Seminar Series 1: “Non Fiction”

What a cracking start to our WANTED seminar series for 2014. I must say that for the first group to put their hands up to host the seminar, they did a great job. The guests were all really insightful, they each had amazing stories to tell, and the conversation flowed. Personally, seeing as i am not interested in documentary film making, the seminar did not have much relevance to my own career goals, however it kept me for the most part engaged.

CONTENT/ EXECUTION/ STAGING: The beginning worked really well for me, i enjoyed the structure of the introduction of the guests, with a clip of their work and a little bio from each of them. The only issue i had with this part was that i found the clips that were chosen were not really edited properly, nor did they really showcase the talent of the people they were representing. So i guess ultimately the execution of the intro’s is what let it down, despite the idea being a really amazing one.

I think it was a good idea, unfortunately let down again by the execution, of having the Twitter and Facebook up for the questions to be posted by people. It just didnt work because i guess the audience was more interested in listening to what was going on in front of them to actually take the time to post a question about it. Unfortunately the questions that were posted (i think only a couple were) didn’t get answered anyway due to running out of time. With all of this in mind, I did take a lot of it under the consideration of them being the first group, and so i did not mark them harshly for things like that!

Amy did a great job as host, and while she seemed a little bit nervous at the beginning, she settled into the role well and delivered a professional presentation.

Staging was good, the only issue i had with that was that the guests were quite low to the ground and sitting halfway up the back i had to keep on tilting my head to be able to see them.

FOOD. Major issue here. It may not sound like its that important, but i think that if we had a little more to munch on throughout the seminar, people (me) might have been able to pay a little better attention to the guests instead of my rumbling stomach. The nuts were not enough but they were a cute gesture. If people can just put in a solid $20 each then it really covers all of it and it makes for a much happier and engaged audience!

PROMOTION: the promotion was great! loved the video of Adam and Zac and their posters turned out awesome. They had a great social media presence and i think they really nailed it here.

Overall i think this group did a great job, there was no major issues, everything ran smoothly and the students got a really great insight into the documentary filmmaking industry!

I mostly gave them D’s!

screening love

What an amazing (however long) screening we had! Overall, it was pretty remarkable to see just how much all of us have managed to improve throughout the year, making for a really high quality range of short docos. There was honestly not one documentary which stood out for the wrong reasons. Each documentary managed to engage me, even when the only talent in one of the documentaries was a magpie…

I loved the use of archival footage that a number of the films throughout the evening seemed to have within them, it gave the films that feeling of nostalgia and placed the story in a historical context-DIVINE.

Clearly due to the huge number of films that were shown throughout the night, it will take me forever to go through them all so i thought id mention the clear stand outs for me:

To Be A Poet: simply beautiful. The choice to keep this film strictly to the time given with the poem that narrates the story was a great decision and left each of us wanting more. Abraham was absolutely inspiring and to be able to tell his story in such a concise way meant that we never got tired of hearing it. The editing was kept simple, and the cut aways from his poetry reading to him just hanging out in the streets of melbourne let each of us get that little bit closer to him. He totally took us on a journey and i loooooved it!

Long Story Short: this actually made me cry. Its hard to believe that something so short in time had such a strong emotional impact. The use of old footage and photos here was magical and was used to its full advantage. The choice of talents and the differences between the two was fabulous, on one hand you saw a beautifully romantic old man reminiscing of a time gone by with his late wife, and on the other there was a strong woman who was so happy with her life that you could do nothing but admire her attitude.

Circus Stew: this film was brilliant in the way that it made us feel the same love Mark Holden feels for that beautiful old circus footage. I loved the fact that the film was based on the footage, not on Mark which would have been an easy thing to focus on. Having the footage be the central focus, there was such a strong connection between the audience and those home videos that i cant help but want to watch more and more and find out as much as i can about those people who are being shot. In saying this, there was a great balance between Mark, the guy who filmed the footage (I FORGOT HIS NAME DAMN IT), and the inclusion of Jeremy, that there was not one point in the film that you thought “this is boring” or “ok ok we get it the footage is nice”.

Client Liaisons: loved the focus on the guy instead of the band. It was great to see his admiration. I loved the lighting in this film and the very simple composition of the shots.

More Or Less: loved pretty much everything in this film. The theme was perfect. The choice of talents was perfect(loved the inclusion of the deaf girl) (did that sound bad????). The lighting was perfect. The set up of each of the interviews PERFECT. i have nothing bad to say about this film at all. BRILLIANT